As a kid, I was fascinated by my Dad's fish tanks, and the movement and colors that mesmerized me daily. Dad started with small 20-gallon aquariums. By the time I had reached my teens we were both heavily into tropical fish keeping and aquascaping. We had tanks  as small as a single liter and upwards to a massive 300-gallon setup. It wasn’t just the fish or the aquatic plants, it was the whole experience, the new world that evolved in front of my eyes. The whole thing had me engrossed, and I soon got into it myself.


I’d always been into practical things – working on cars, learning about computers and what they can do – and while you might think that a mechanical mind doesn’t translate into fish keeping or the aquatic hobby, let me tell you it’s been a massive bonus!

I realized a long time back that modifying tanks and building custom DIY aquariums was something that wasn’t much talked about even among the most dedicated hobbyists. So that’s why I took the decision to set up Tank Mods, starting with the YouTube channel where you can find me sharing my passion and leading to this website where I can offer the best in aquascape and fish keeping supplies. We do the best we can to offer only the best products possible such as UNS, Ehine, Oase and more. We are also working very hard to keep growing our aquatic plant selection and even offer hard to find hand selected aquarium woods (Spider wood, Dragon trees), and aquariums rocks and stones (Pagoda, Kona. Etc). We are here to help you grow in this hobby,  and if you are looking for an item we do not have, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to source it for you.

Contact: Sales@tankmods.com


My own experience in aquatics has taught me much more than I ever expected, and not least in the way it encourages the creative side of my mind to come to the fore. When you design and build your own aquarium set-up – or even modify an existing one to your design – you are creating your own world, a world in which you will watch many wonderful things evolve. You will see plants grow and fish swim among them, and you will – I guarantee – find the whole experience to be one that is satisfying in many ways.

I hope that Tank Mods encourages younger people to keep fish and grow plants, and to create their own aquatic worlds, just as it did for me, as I believe that this is an educational hobby like no other, and one that once you try it, has you hooked!

Check out Tank Mods on YouTube now, and see how I have created my own worlds. I hope you love it as much as I do!