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My own experience in aquatics has taught me much more than I ever expected, and not least in the way it encourages the creative side of my mind to come to the fore. When you design and build your own aquarium set-up – or even modify an existing one to your design – you are creating your own world, a world in which you will watch many wonderful things evolve. You will see plants grow and fish swim among them, and you will – I guarantee – find the whole experience to be one that is satisfying in many ways.

I hope that Tank Mods encourages younger people to keep fish and grow plants, and to create their own aquatic worlds, just as it did for me, as I believe that this is an educational hobby like no other, and one that once you try it, has you hooked!

Check out Tank Mods on YouTube now, and see how I have created my own worlds. I hope you love it as much as I do!