Tank Mods Selected Forest Black Wood is one of the most stunning and captivation driftwoods available from Tank Mods! Obtaining this beautiful driftwood is no easy task, is took countless hours of hunting for a source with amazing one of a kind pieces that we may offer the Tank Mods client. This is for the hobbyist who demand nothing but the finest, we provide only the best pieces, each and every one is hand selected and photographed individually.


This obsidian hued wood caught our attention immediately. We feel in love with this wood instantly. The dynamics brought on by its deep rich color made it an insurmountable item not to offer our client. As the name suggests, it is dark in appearance; almost like charcoal. As it absorbs water it becomes a deeper black. Having a great number of branches that gradually narrow as you look towards each tip, with a curve that is smooth and elegant, this wood has a very unique character. Unlike some other wood options, this wood will release little to no tannins which would otherwise stain Aquarium water.


We hope you try out newest product, we believe you will find the potential to bring some dramatic color to you aquascapes will unlock an entirely new base to work with in your aquatic creations.

Hand Selected Black Forest Wood -16

SKU: Black.Wood.16
  • *Small amounts of Saprolegnia (white slime) may appear during the initial stage. If it occurs, suction them out with a small tube frequently.

     *This wood is light and therefore needs to be waterlogged or weighed down with stones for the initial stage as it may float due to buoyancy.