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HIRO Aquatics B series Full Spectrum Aquarium WGRB Light features a cylinder lamp shape with a built-in cooling fan.

WGRB provides four kinds of light - white light, red light, green light and blue light, covering almost all the spectrum plants needed for photosynthesis. Having a well-rounded spectrum will improve the efficiency of plants' absorption of light energy but also helping coloration of pants.

As you may know that light decay happens when light travels in a medium like glass or water and the light decay is very fast in the case of poor heat dissipation. Conversely, when the heat dissipation is good, the light decay is slower than that of fluorescent lamps. Equipped with a built-in silent cooling fan, the HIRO B Series light can help dissipate heat very quickly and minimize light decay, ensuring the maximum light out is transmitted to the plants.

* Mounting Arm Sold Separately. Light can be hung from ceiling without arm using included braded cable. Ceiling mounting equipment such as hooks not included.

Hiro B Series Full Spectrum Aquarium Pendant Light

SKU: HeiroB
  • Mounting arm is designed for rimless aquariums: Glass should be thinner than 16mm(0.6inch). If your tank has a black trim, you may need to remove the trim first to ensure a safe installation.


    Full Spectrum WRGB: White+Red+Green+Blue technology makes you experience the true colors of your aquascape in its highest potential, which offers an optimum range of wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm which is exactly what plants need to thrive and flourish.


    Three different wattage options: 30W / 50W / 70W. ensure sufficient light energy to be delivered your plants and promote their daily photosynthesis.


    30 Watt option - Luminous Flux: 1500 Lumens. Color Temperature: 7250K


    50 Watt option - Luminous Flux: 2500 Lumens. Color Temperature: 7250K


    70 Watt option - Luminous Flux: 3500 Lumens. Color Temperature: 7250K


    Equipped with a built-in sound-off cooling fan:  the HIRO S Series light can help release heat very quickly and minimize light decay, ensuring maximum light energy can be transmitted to plants.