Showpiece Malaysian Driftwood - Hand Selected


The Malaysian Driftwood you see here has been hand selected for its extraordinary characteristics and very unique styling. These are XL Showpieces and one of a kind, you will never see one the same. Tank Mods has worked very hard to bring only the finest and more sought after selection. Each one has been photographed in high resolution from many angels to help you select the one you truly love. 


Why is Malaysian Driftwood perfect for your aquascape? The amazing characteristics of this wood assist in aquascaping by adding tannic acids to the water naturally lower the pH. This will create an environment that aquatic plants tend to thrive in as well as fish like Discus. This wood, if only given a light soaking prior to adding into the aquarium can create a tea-colored "black water" effect that is rapidly becoming wildly popular today. If you do not want this effect, giving the wood a longer soaking prior to adding it into the aquarium which will help mitigate the tinting.


This wood is very versatile and one of the easiest ways to give any tank a tremendously natural look. Due to being so dense the wood also sinks very quickly. Incorporating other pieces of rocks like Manten stones, Ohko Stone, River Stones or Seiryu stones will only add to the natural look of the aquascape. With these stunning Tank Mods selected woods you are sure to add a breathtaking focal point to your aquascape.

Malaysian Driftwood XL - Showpiece 1

  • It is very important to thoroughly soak this driftwood prior to placement. This helps saturate the wood, loosen debris caught in the grain and help it sink even quicker.

  • 15" x 9" x 9"