Hand Selected & One of a Kind: The item you see here was chosen by hand by Tank Mods for its stunning appearance and it’s very strong potential to make any aquascape look amazing.


Dragon (Ohko stone) gets its name due to its unique appearance and its color. Dragon stone is a rock that resembles dragon scales due to its greenish brown hue and many crevices. It will give any aquascape an amazing look instantly.. The items you see here are a Mini Dragon Stone set, chosen by hand to fit into a Mini Complete Tank or in any Nano Aquascape.


Dragon stone is very popular in the aquarium hobby for several reasons:

  • Lightweight and sturdy for stacking
  • Unique look
  • Great for anchoring plants and mosses
  • Inert properties (does not affect water chemistry)
  • Creates great safe places for shrimp and Nano fish


Dragon stone is great for aquascaping due to its fragile-clay like structure. For best results we recommend rinsing rocks before addition to an aquarium. Although all pieces are cleaned, it is natural for rock to create additional dust during shipping.

Mini Dragon Stone Set

SKU: Mini.Dragon.Stone.Set.001
  • Hand Selected By Tank Mods: The items you see in the photo are exactly what you will receive. These were hand picked for their stunning looks and potential to make nearly any aquascape look amazing. These items are one of a kind, once they are sold they are gone forever.