World's smallest aquarium with a fully functional sump filtration system (All-in-One) is now on available with Tank Mods.


Mini Complete Tank Aquarium Specification

  • Version: FULL LED Light
  • MCT Set Colors: White or Black
  • Tank Structure: Main Tank, Sump Filter Base (Stand), and Lid
  • Tank Dimensions:
    • Main Tank: 13*7.5*8cm
    • Sump base: 13*7.5*7cm (L*W*H)
  • Tank Material: Main Tank: Organic Acrylic
  • Sump Base: ABS
  • Lighting system: FULL LED Light (3 steps: 3w ~ 10w
  • LED Light Options:
    • WHITE Light:  Freshwater / Planted Tank
    • BLUE Light: Reef / Corals Tank
  • Water Pump Power: 0.5w Super Silent Water Pump (110 Liter/hour)
  • Main Tank Volume:<= 780ml
  • Sump Filter Volume:<= 680ml
  • Filtering Media:1x White Cotton + 2x Black Biological Cottons
  • Accessories:1x Tank Baffle set + 1x water pump adapter (FREE 1x extra set)

Saltwater Mini Complete Tank

  • Comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.