All-in-One - Complete Aquarium System

UNS Took their most popular rimless aquarium tank sizes and made them better. All-In-One Complete Aquariums by Ultum Nature Systems feature everything that is loved about our standard rimless aquariums: 45° precision cut mitered edges, high-grade unobtrusive silicone for security and quality viewing plus low iron and 91% Diamant glass.


Sleek Built-in Filter - Triple chamber with quality media and pump

Features a sleek, built-in filter eliminating the need for an additional piece of aquarium equipment. The triple filtration chamber includes a coarse aquarium sponge, quality bio-media and a reliable water pump to provide consistent flow to the entire system.


Triple Chamber Design Chamber 1

Mech Media is a thick and high-quality reusable black sponge is placed here to prevent detritus such as fish waste and plant matter from building up within the other filtration chambers and importantly the power head water pump. Simple to slide and remove, this coarse sponge makes maintenance quick and easy. Care should be taken to clean the sponge on a regular basis to avoid overflow spills to ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.


Chamber 2

Bio Media is a porous ceramic bio ring media is provided in an enclosed fine mesh media bag. This is essential for the livelihood of beneficial bacteria that maintains and contributes largely to a balanced and healthy underwater eco-system. Extra room is allotted for additional filter media to be added or for personal customization if desired. This media does not require regular maintenance compared to the coarse sponge but will eventually require a light rinse as detritus builds.


NOTE: Ultum Nature Systems 60A All-In-One Tank includes a filled media bag


Chamber 3

Power Head is the final chamber houses a small yet powerful power head water pump that is responsible for providing the essential flow of clean water back into the aquarium. The flow is adjustable depending on preference and filter tubing is already pre-installed. This is a fully submersible high-quality pump that should not run dry. It should be unplugged during aquarium maintenance and should not be adjusted when in use.


Power Head Specifications


FLOW RATE: 105 Gallons Per Hour (adjustable)


UNS 30A All-In-One Rimless Aquarium (7 gal)

$145.00 Regular Price
$134.99Sale Price
  • Model: 30A

    Profile: Cube

    Dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81

    Glass Thickness: 5 mm

    Tank Volume: 5.5 gal

    Filter Volume: 1.5 gal


    READ THIS: Black leveling mat included with all Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Tanks. It is in the carboard packaing the tank comes in, look carfully.